Assist composing essays – abstract examples for your needs

Assist composing essays – abstract examples for your needs

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a study of Concussion Injury Rates in a variety of types of Football Helmets in NCAA Football Athletes

“While newer, advanced helmet models have now been fashioned with the motives of decreasing concussions, hardly any research exists on damage prices in several soccer helmets during the level that is collegiate. The goal of this research would be to examine concussion damage rates in several types of football helmets in collegiate football athletes. In addition, to compare injury prices of more recent, advanced level soccer helmets to older, old-fashioned helmets among collegiate football athletes, an overall total of 209 concussions and 563,701 AEs (athlete-exposures) Among 2,107 collegiate football athletes in seven helmet models had been within the analyses. Concussion damage rates revealed that the R >

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